Welcome to Truth & Notion Apparel

Truth & Notion Apparel was founded in December of 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina by siblings, Scott Holland and Elizabeth Jacobs. We felt called by the Holy Spirit to create both biblical and non-biblical garments for our company. Even though we offer non-biblical garments for sale, you can be sure that all content on our website is clean, wholesome, and family-friendly.

Hi, I’m Scott. When I was twenty years old, I experienced a life changing transformation by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. He replaced the hate and misery that consumed my life with love, joy, and faith from the Holy Spirit. Ever since then, I have sought to glorify Jesus in every aspect of my life.

My name is Elizabeth Jacobs. I am a Christian, wife and mom. I have a passion for designing anything and everything! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from UNC Charlotte. I am so excited to combine my love for Jesus and my passion for graphic design.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It means so much to us. We have worked tirelessly on this website so that your experience here can be as wonderful as possible. Please know that when you buy from us, you are supporting people and jobs here in the USA. We hope you enjoy your time on our website, and feel free to give us feedback of any kind. This will enable us to better serve you, our customer. Our email address can be found on the Contact Us page. May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family, today and always.